Semilské strojírny

We are a modern engineering company with a very rich history. We focus on production of equipment and machinery parts in various industrial sectors. We work on projects for important customers in the Czech Republic and abroad specialised in the manufacture of paper-making, glass-making, textile, food-processing, agricultural and earthmoving machines, water turbines, equipment for maintenance of the roads, rail vehicles, various steel structures (such as assembly lines, welding fixtures, transport pallets), etc. However, we don't just focus on series production. We have rich experience in prototype production according to customer drawing documentation. We put emphasis on quality, timeliness of delivery and maximum customer satisfaction.

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What can we offer? From turning, milling, welding, grinding, shearing, cutting, roll-bending, restoring, dynamic balancing, metalworking and assembling to steel structure manufacturing.  From one unit to whole series. Our typical products include shafts, flanges, cylinders, pins, cover guards and weldments (also machined).  We also weld structures and parts of the lines. Quality is the prerequisite for success and competitiveness of our products. Our strength is great variability and flexibility.

Mechanical – industrial production

Based on continuous modernisation of our machinery and manufacturing equipment supported by years of experience, we are able to produce an endless range of parts and machine components across all industries. We accentuate precision and accuracy of the individual products.

Individual – prototype production

Contact us if you have a special request. We are able to satisfy the customers' requirements for the production, repair or renovation of the most diverse parts. Based on drawing documentation and mutual consultation, we are open to any sensible cooperation beneficial to both parties. We are looking for maximum customer satisfaction.


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We offer precision cutting in series on a MEP SHARK 331 NC 5.0 SPIDER band saw.
Iso certifikace


We bring news about the introduction of ISO 9001 certification in Semilské strojírny.
Iso certifikace

What did the introduction of welding CERTIFICATION bring ČSN EN 1090-2 2018 A ISO 3834 EXC 2 in Semilské strojírny s.r.o.?

Are you interested in what the introduction of welding certification ČSN EN 1090-2 2018 and ISO 3834 EXC 2 in Semilske strojirny has brought? Read more!

Our history

Semilské strojírny from 1910 to now

Tradition since 1910

Our company was established by František Ježek in 1910. At that time, it was concerned with plumbing, heating installations, smithery and repairs of machines. In 1914, the activity was subdued until the end of the First World War. In 1944, the company founder died and the business was taken over by his son František Ježek Jr. who extended the production programme with agricultural machinery and pump repairs.
Semilské strojírny
Semilské strojírny


In 1951, the company belonging to František Ježek Jr. was nationalised and incorporated into the national enterprise Papcel, n. p. Litovel. It specialised in paper-making industry, in particular spare parts for paper-making machines and their repairs, production of pressure cylinders, conveyors and road machinery. Papcel, n.p. Litovel not only changed its production programme, but also greatly extended the premises. An administrative building, which has remained unchanged up to now, was built and a crane track and production halls were constructed.


In 1990, the activity of Papcel, n. p. Litovel was terminated and the name was changed to Semilské strojírny. In 1993, the company was purchased from the state by Jiří Hainc in a public competition of the National Property Fund Czech Republic Prague. Jiří Hainc preserved the production and renamed the company to Haico. However, he lost the company after two years. He failed to comply with financial commitments to the National Property Fund.  Therefore, the state became its owner again and renamed it back to Semilské strojírny s.r.o. Subsequently, the National Property Fund sent the plant for privatisation in 1995.
Semilské strojírny


In the second complicated privatisation round, Unistroj s.r.o. became the new owner. The company was concerned with manufacture of parts for new machines or construction of machine units. The products could be found in paper-making and cellulose-making machines, paper and cardboard processing machines, printing, textile or glass-making machines.
Semilské strojírny


In September 2019, Unistroj s.r.o. sold its 100% share to the PPCG, SE holding. Semilské strojírny and its 42 employees thus became members of a dynamically developing holding company, which associates several important Czech companies. The present owner follows up the existing production programme based on long history and experience. The most imminent goal is modernisation and extension of the entire production programme and the premises so that we can offer cost-efficient and innovative solutions of the highest quality and thus be maximally competitive.

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Precision cutting in series on a band saw

New offer
We offer precision cutting in series on the MEP SHARK 331 NC 5.0 SPIDER band saw. Contact us for more information or if you are interested.